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Applied Research and Data Scientist

Computer Science & Engineering
428 S. Shaw Lane, Rm 3115

East Lansing, Michigan, USA

About me

I am a master’s student in the Integrated Pattern Recognition and Biometrics Laboratory (iPRoBe) located at Michigan State University. I am under the supervision of Dr. Arun Ross. My latest resume can be downloaded here. Feel free to contact me via email.

Research Interests

Speech and Signal Processing, Speaker Recognition, Biometrics, Machine Learning

Technical Skills

Python (5 years exp.), SQL (2 years exp.), TensorFlow (3 years exp.), PyTorch (3 years exp.), Scikit-Learn (3 years exp.), C++ (3 years exp.), Research, Scientific Writing


Highlighted Experiences (Full Resume)

Raytheon Technologies, Data Scientist Internship, Summer 2022

Pratt & Whitney, Software Engineering Internship, Summer 2021

United Airlines, Machine Learning Capstone Project, Spring 2021

Quicken Loans, Software Engineering Internship, Summer 2020

Honors & Awards


Is style all you need? Dependencies between emotion and GST-based speaker recognition
In Coming Soon,2022.
In this work, we study the hypothesis that speaker identity embeddings extracted from speech samples may be used for detection and classification of emotion. In particular, we show that emotions can be effectively identified by learning speaker identities by use of a 1-D Triplet Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) & Global Style Token (GST) scheme (e.g., DeepTalk Network) and reusing the trained speaker recognition model weights to generate features in the emotion classification domain.